5 Small Business Apps that are Total Life Savers


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Running a small business is empowering, but it also means that we do a bit of everything: management, finance, marketing, design - the list goes on and on.

Luckily there are many great apps to help your business get more organized and make your life easier. I use quite a few, both on my phone and on my computer. They keep things running smoothly. 
I narrowed down the list to show you the total game changers.

These are my favourites:


For a bit I was a huge fan of ClickUp, an all-in-one project management app. Tasks, goals, time tracking, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, calendars, spreadsheets, chat, document sharing – just name it, and you can find it.

Its view is completely costumizable – you can start from scratch or use a template -- so you will definitely find the layout you love.

I used Asana for a couple of years and loved it. In fact, I never really considered switching. But when I tried out ClickUp, I realized that there was just so much more to it. 

They broke my heart though. It's advertised by being and staying free and yet, introduced some click-based system where you have to switch to a paying plan faster than saying ClickUp out loud three times.

So I went back to Asana. Still love it. You can fill your screen with cats.


Let’s face it: Ideas come and go quickly. I don't about you, but I need to write them down before they disappear forever. If you need something more than Notes (which, I have to admit, I use more than anything else): Evernote stores everything in one place, including random notes, to-do lists, memos, receipts, bills and invoices. It also keeps them organized across all your devices. 

Some people even use it for organizing and sharing personal agendas and brainstorming with colleagues.

It’s all in there.


This mini scanner on your phone means that you can simply take photos of your receipts, invoices, or otherdocuments and turn them into scanned document files.



Want to design a website with the ease of playing with legos? Check!

Whatever level of technical skill you have, the editor is user friendly and lets you build your site without having to learn how to code.

People often debate whether Wix or Squarespace is better, but to be honest, I think both are amazing and easy to use. They are both a lot easier than Wordpress. With their drag and drop systems, you can create great looking websites in no time. You can even use templates if you are not a born designer.


It's no secret that I use Canva a lot. It’s basically a design software for non-designers.

It’s a great tool to create stunning designs that you can use for almost every social media channel you have. Photoshop is great, but Canva is super easy.

Start with a blank slate or choose a preset design, pick the medium you will use it on, Canva knows the size and – bam! You’re done, it’s pretty, and you’re happy.

I’m now trying out apps for finance and accounting. I’ll come back with my results when I have a winner. Let me know if you have a favourite!


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